Sunay Usluer

Sunay Usluer

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Wellcome Sanger Institute

Keywords:Functional Genomics, CRISPR, IPSC, Neurodevelopment

My research focus on functional genomics to understand function of human genes in large scale. For this purpose, I silence all the genes in human induced pluripotent cells (hIPSC) by CRISPR-inhibition technique,

and identify genes important for cell to survive or grow, i.e. cell fitness. However, the fitness and growth of a cell are tightly regulated and influenced by several genetic and environmental stimuli. While some genes are dispensable for some types of cells, others may be crucial for other types. While the depletion of some specific genes can cause cell death or overgrowth, at the organismal level this dysregulation may present itself as cancer, or developmental defects. Human genetic studies have already identified several genes involved in these type of diseases.

My research aims to illuminate the cellular mechanisms that result in these human diseases. Furthermore, depending on the functional consequences of gene perturbations, I aim to invent new approaches to intervene in such diseases and test these approaches at the cellular level.

Get in touch: su1 [at], twitter @usluersunay

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