Tania Campos

Tania Campos

Position: Research Associate

Department: Biochemistry

Keywords: pancreatic cancer, molecular and cell biology

I am a Research Associate in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge. My group is interested in understanding the role of the oncogene Myc in cancer biology.

I am investigating, from a cellular and molecular perspective, what happens during the progression and regression of pancreatic tumours in a mouse model where we can switch Myc activity at will.

I have always been motivated to study the mechanisms underpinning cancer, because it is the second cause of death in the world and it poses fascinating questions about biological systems. This abiding interest is reflected by my scientific career. I studied Bioengineering, then gained a Master’s in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics and a Ph.D. in Biological Science at the University of Concepcion. My thesis work on signal transduction area was addressed using cell-based cancer models but, useful though these are, I became increasingly aware of the greater validity of in vivo models, which more closely mimic the complex nature of cancers. Because of this, I chose Professor Gerard Evan’s laboratory for my next step in pursuit my career goals, joining the laboratory in July 2016.

Get in touch: tc500 [at] cam.ac.uk, twitter @TaniaSymbel

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