Tiffany Harte

Tiffany Harte
Tiffany Harte

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department: Physics and Jesus College

Keywords: Quantum technology, quantum simulation, ultracold atoms, quantum physics, atomic physics

I create the coldest matter in the universe and use it to study the behaviour of complex materials. When atoms are cooled to temperatures of hundreds of nano-Kelvin, their statistical quantum properties become important. By precisely engineering their environment, ultracold atoms can be used to create an experimental simulation of complex systems in condensed matter physics. The goal of this research is to gain insights into the properties of these complex systems and explore their potential for future technologies such as new methods of computation or efficient power distribution. You can watch a three-minute summary of my PhD research here.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, where I worked on developing holograms of light to trap ultracold atoms. I moved to Oxford for my DPhil, in which I explored the interaction between atoms and oscillating magnetic fields to develop atom traps for quantum simulation experiments. I am currently building an experiment in Cambridge in which we will confine atoms in a kagome optical lattice and study their behaviour with single-atom precision.

As a long-term fan of fantasy literature, I became an experimental quantum physicist in search of real-world magic and have been sustained in this adventure by a love of making things and continually learning. I am also interested in issues surrounding research ethics and integrity, and co-organise ethics events for the Cavendish Laboratory. Recordings of some past events can be found here.

Get in touch: th558 [at], twitter @UltracoldTiff