Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan

Position: Senior Research Associate

Department: Computer Science and Technology

Keywords: Network science, machine learning, MRI, schizophrenia, mental health

My research applies machine learning, network science and Natural Language Processing to better understand and predict mental health conditions.
A main focus is using brain connectivity derived from MRI to predict disease trajectories for patients with schizophrenia. I am also interested in using transcribed speech data to perform similar prediction problems.

I completed my PhD at the Cambridge Physics department, in the Theory of Condensed Matter group (TCM). I then moved to the Brain Mapping Unit at the Cambridge Psychiatry department to begin my postdoctoral work. In 2017, I won a Henslow Research Fellowship at Lucy Cavendish College and in 2019 I was awarded a Turing Fellowship to investigate whether speech can be used to detect psychotic disorders. From October 2020, I have been employed as a Departmental Early Career Fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Get in touch: sem91 [at], twitter @Sarah_Morgan_UK