Nancy Highcock

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Position: Teaching Associate in Mesopotamian Archaeology

Department: Archaeology

Keywords: identities, ancient Western Asia, urban spaces, trade

My research focuses on individual and collective identity formation in the ancient Near East. I am currently working on a book which explores the impact that high levels of mobility have on the construction and maintenance of collective identity and action in pastoralist and mercantile communities of the Middle Bronze Age. I am especially interested in how aspects of identity can become simultaneously fixed and malleable in multicultural trading communities and how this phenomenon manifests in the archaeological record.

I am also currently engaged in projects on theories of mercantile economy in ancient Eurasia, the religious dedications of merchants, and the resilience of mercantile networks in times of political crisis. I have excavated the lower town of the site of Niğde-Kınık Höyük in southern Cappadocia, Turkey since 2013 where I am currently studying the residential architecture and material culture from the early 3rd millennium BCE- early 1st century BCE.

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