Nayra Martin-Key

Nayra Martin-Key
Nayra Martin-Key

Position: Research Associate

Department: Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Keywords:Behaviour change, digital technologies, medical devices, patient and public involvement, psychiatry

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research, led by principal investigator Professor Sabine Bahn.
My main interests regard developing and using digital technologies to screen, diagnose, and triage mental health concerns. Furthermore, I am interested in patient and public involvement and in using co-designing approaches to develop technology. I have experience conducting mixed-methods research to evaluate the acceptability and perceived facilitators and barriers to using digital mental health assessments. I also have experience conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses of diagnostic test accuracy, as well as evaluating technologies such as mobile applications using the American Psychiatric Association App Evaluation Framework.

Before starting my postdoctoral position at the University of Cambridge, I worked in industry as a clinical research manager for Qbtech, a medical device company focusing on the objective diagnosis and management of individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. My main responsibilities involved data management and analysis, as well designing and monitoring clinical studies across Europe and the US.

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