Molly Haugen

Molly Haugen

Position: Research Associate

Department: Engineering

Keywords: energy systems, emissions, sensors, future of fuels, field work

My area of expertise revolves around on-road emissions. Previous work at the University of Denver involved collecting the largest on-road inventory of emission data for heavy-goods vehicles.

Here, I was able to assess the technology on diesel vehicles and show how emissions change as the technology ages. This work was done in collaboration with state governing bodies to help improve regulation measures and emission modelling framework.

At the University of Cambridge, I have published work assessing the energy system for heavy-good transport from energy generation to energy consumption. This work has been in collaboration with the UK’s Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, the Department for Transport London, and the Centre for Energy System Integration. These projects give a broad insight into energy use for policy makers, system-wide emission modelling, and has been influential in identifying key knowledge gaps throughout the transport energy system.

In conjunction with system-wide analyses, I remain interested in the in-use vehicle emissions. However, this interest is expanding from heavy-goods vehicles to maritime operations. These vessels are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions that must be addressed to reach carbon emission reduction goals. Although this project is in early development, I am eager to contribute.

Besides doing research, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses on the topics of design theory, playful interaction, interactive storytelling, and experimental game design.

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