M. Cemre Ustunkaya

M. Cemre Ustunkaya
M. Cemre Ustunkaya

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and Newnham College

Keywords: Archaeological science, climate change in the past, plant isotope analyses, archaeobotany

I am an archaeobotanist who works on climate change and its impact on past human societies.

My research involves utilising multiple techniques and approaches to understand the trajectory of climate change in the past and how it impacted subsistence, economy, land use and agricultural management alongside how people reacted to these changes in order to survive. Another research question I am focusing on is subsistence strategies in marginal environments (i.e. islands), where I try to understand how isolation due to geographical barriers impacted subsistence in the face of adversity. Stable isotope analysis, grain weight analysis are among some of the techniques I utilise alongside standardised archaeobotanical analysis.

As archaeological science is a very multi-disciplinary orientated field I get to collaborate with many researchers from different disciplines such as natural sciences, earth sciences, geography, agricultural science, mathematics, computer modelling etc. My field makes it possible for me to work in many places around the world. Currently, I am working in a number of different places that include Turkey, Australia, UK, Spain and India.

Get in touch: mcu22@cam.ac.uk or @mcemreustunkaya on Twitter