Mehrnoush Sarafan

Mehrnoush Sarafan

Position: Research Fellow

Department: Cambridge Judge Business School

Keywords: Supply chain, behavioural science, human behaviour, management, experimental research

I am a management scholar, interested in understanding the role of human behaviour in managing complex supply chains. I hold a Research Fellow position at Cambridge Judge Business School and Hinkley Point C Supply Chain Innovation Lab

My research is multidisciplinary, drawing theoretical insights and methodological support from social psychology, management, and supply chain research to meet two key objectives; first, it investigates the impact of individual and cultural biases on managerial decision-making to identify and address systematic variations in applying supply chain strategies (micro-to-macro); second, it examines the impact of supply chain policies and governance mechanisms on individuals’ behaviour to inform the design of effective policies and regulations (macro-to-micro). Methodologically, I use a range of experimental methods (lab-based, vignette-based) to answer these questions. As a management scholar, I am always keen to work with practitioners and policy makers to help addressing some of the pressing societal challenges. I have sat on the panel discussion on supply chain fragility during COVID times (Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute), and Grenfell Tower Inquiry on the fundamental problem of coordination and procuring building services and contracts (UCL). My research has been published in a range of outlets, including books, academic journals, and media reports.

Get in touch: m.sarafan [at] or @MehrnoushSrfn on Twitter