Lauren Marshall

Lauren Marshall
Lauren Marshall

Position: Research Associate

Department: Chemistry and Jesus College

Keywords: volcanic eruptions, climate, aerosol, atmospheric modelling

I am an atmospheric scientist in the Department of Chemistry, researching how volcanic eruptions impact the climate.

I have a background in Earth Sciences and Physical Geography, and prior to my PhD, completed an MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology. Volcanoes are extremely important drivers of natural climate change and have many other effects on the environment and society. I study how gases injected by a volcano high up into the atmosphere form particles that scatter solar radiation and cool the Earth. I am particularly interested in how different properties of an explosive eruption, such as the amount of gas emitted, the latitude of the volcano and the eruption season, may impact the climate response. I use complex climate models to simulate these different eruptions and analyse their impacts on stratospheric aerosol, chemistry, Earth’s radiative balance and temperature change, helping us to understand past and future climate.

I also use ice core records to study the signals of past explosive eruptions and statistical emulation, a novel statistical technique, to maximise the amount of information that can be gained from a well-designed set of model simulations.

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