Liisa Loog

Liisa Loog

Position: Research Fellow

Department: Genetics

Keywords: Human Evolution, Genetics, Population Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Human Variation

My research is focussed the evolution of complex human traits.

I am a broadly trained evolutionary geneticist, with my first degree in Biological Anthropology (University of Kent), an MSc in Human Evolution from UCL, and doctoral studies at the Research Laboratory for Archaeological Science at University of Oxford. During my postgraduate studies I have developed several analytical methods to quantify past levels of mobility and infer past genetic selection and other evolutionary processes using genetic data from archaeological and fossil specimens (also known as ancient DNA). In my current position as a Herchel Smith Research Fellow at the Department of Genetics, I am combining ancient DNA and archaeological data with statistical modelling to study the evolution of human height and how it has changed over time in Europe in response to genetic, cultural and environmental factors such as diet and pathogen exposure.

Get in touch: ll438 [at] or @liisaloog on Twitter