Livia Tomova

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Position: College Research Fellow

Department: Hughes Hall

Keywords: Loneliness, brain, neuroimaging, stress, motivation

I am interested in how stress, loneliness and social isolation affect the brain and mind, especially during adolescence.
My PhD research at University of Vienna focused on the effects of acute stress on social cognition and the underlying brain processes. I then completed 3 years of postdoctoral training in Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT (with Rebecca Saxe) investigating how deprivation of social needs affects the human brain.

Last year, I was awarded a Henslow College Research Fellowship at Hughes Hall during which I aim to identify brain markers predicting vulnerability to the adverse effects of isolation and loneliness in adolescents and young adults. I am also interested in investigating whether and how social media can fulfill social needs.

Get in touch: lt503 [at], twitter @livia_tomova