Lalanti Venkatasubramanian

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Position: Research Associate

Department: Zoology

Keywords: Drosophila, Neuroscience, Behaviour, Learning and Memory

I am a Research Associate working in the Zlatic Lab at the University of Cambridge, Department of Zoology as well as the UKRI MRC-LMB since September 2019.

After completing my undergraduate studies in Chennai, India I moved to New York in 2012 to pursue my PhD in developmental neuroscience in the lab of Richard Mann at Columbia University. Collaborating with various Drosophila labs during my PhD has also allowed me to share and explore research at IGFL in Lyon and the Champalimaud Research Institute in Lisbon.

After studying how neural circuits are formed and assembled I was eager to understand how they process information to elicit various behavioural outcomes, which led me to the lab of Dr. Marta Zlatic. I’m excited to be part of a project that aims to understand how a brain integrates conflicting information, both innate and learnt, to select specific actions that ultimately ensure the survival of the animal.

Get in touch: lv347 [at]