Elham Shirazi

Elham Shirazi

Position: Research Associate

Department: CRUK Cambridge Institute

Keywords: Pre-clinical studies, drug development, bioassay development, in vitro pharmacology

I have been at the forefront of research participating in a broad range of global initiatives within bioassay development, cancer research, environmental biology and bacterial quorum sensing, genetics and the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

In my current post, as a postdoc at CRUK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI), I have been validating robust real-time and end point bioassays in high-throughput drug screening on breast cancer Patient-Derived Tumour Xenografts (PDTX). These model organisms apply as a resourceful intermediate in drug development. In this project, I have been collaborating with Varsity Pharmaceuticals to implement a pre-clinical study for anti-cancer drug repurposing.

In my previous post, as a Senior Scientist / consultant at AstraZeneca, R&D Oncology (2018-2020), I conducted a cancer research collaborative project with CRUK CI focusing on developing bioassays to deliver a high quality high-throughput drug screening on PDTXs. As a highly self-motivated and experienced researcher, I have developed expertise in cell biology and in vitro pharmacology through designing and implementing several pre-clinical drug screening projects such as; single agent, compounds combination and irradiation/drug combinational therapy. Successful collaborations in the past years lead to achieve the strong professional skills in the project management and consultancy.

Get in touch: elham.shirazi [at] cruk.cam.ac.uk