Eva Pillai

Eva Pillai

Position: Research Associate

Department: Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Keywords: Tissue mechanics, developmental biology, axon guidance, biophysics, neuroscience

I am interested in how neurons (a type of cell in the nervous system) know how to grow and ‘wire’ correctly during development.

Neurons send extend axons, a long wire-like projection, that grow across massive distances and highly defined paths to connect to specific targets. Mis-wiring of neurons can result in neurodevelopment conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and movement related issues, to name a few.
Most studies of neurons have focused on how chemical signals guide axon navigation. I am studying how mechanical signals from the surrounding environment, also regulate the pathfinding decisions of these axons. In my project, I exploit various interdisciplinary tools to study the interplay between mechanical and chemical signalling during nervous system development.

Get in touch: ep467 [at] cam.ac.uk or @EvaPillai on Twitter