Farah Alimagham

Farah Alimagham

Position: Research Associate

Department: Clinical Neurosciences

Keywords: Optical chemical sensors, neurochemical monitoring, mid-infrared spectroscopy

My interests lie in developing novel optical chemical sensors for industrial, environmental and medical applications. 

My current research focuses on developing a sensor system to enable the continuous and near real-time monitoring of the brain chemistry of patients suffering from traumatic brain injury with the aim of limiting secondary brain injury and ultimately improving patient outcome.

I completed my BSc/MSc in Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Engineering at NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal and conducted my MSc project as a visiting researcher at the Birck Nanotechnology Centre of Purdue University, USA, where I worked on the development of an intravenous oxygen generating platform to aid acute respiratory failure. I then moved to Cambridge to conduct an MRes in Sensor Technologies and Applications, followed by a PhD in Physical Chemistry, both under a EPSRC CDT Studentship (EP/L015889/1). It was during my PhD where I became fascinated in optical chemical sensor technologies, particularly using mid-infrared spectroscopy, and where I had the opportunity to work on a range of different projects, with academic and industrial collaborations, where these techniques could be applied to provide novel solutions to real-world problems. One of these projects led to a major NIHR i4i Product Development Award, on which I am currently co-Investigator at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. I am also Principal Investigator on a NIHR MIC seed-corn project where I am studying the feasibility of an in-situ brain-chemistry monitoring sensor.

Get in touch: fca21 [at] cam.ac.uk or @farahalimagham on Twitter