Jana Mokrisova

Jana Mokrisova
Jana Mokrisova

Position: Research Associate

Department: Faculty of Classics and the Fitzwilliam Museum

Keywords:archaeology, mobility, Mediterranean

I am an archaeologist interested in how people moved in the past. My research investigates the connections between different forms of mobility, cultural exchange, and identity formation in the eastern Mediterranean.

I focus on the period after the collapse of Late Bronze Age societies, which witnessed complex social and political reconfiguration. The rise of the Early Iron Age societies, including the ancient Greek city states, was in no small part shaped by movement of people at different scales and intensities. This process influenced not only the way people interacted but also the way they identified themselves and others.

My research at Cambridge develops particular aspects of looking at the flow of people and things through material culture (from portable objects, such as pottery and metal artefacts, to the built environment), including the application of regional approaches to understanding the dynamics between settlements and their hinterland as well as the wider region and looking at issues of technological transfer with a particular focus on the role of metals. I spend part of my year doing fieldwork as a co-director of a survey project on the island of Samos in Greece.

I also collaborate with interdisciplinary research projects in Turkey, and I have worked in Georgia, Italy, Bulgaria, and the USA.

Get in touch: jm2421 [at] cam.ac.uk, twitter @JanaMokrisova