Carla Casadevall

Position: Marie Curie Fellow

Department: Chemistry

Keywords: semiartificial photosynthesis, solar fuels and chemicals, enzymatic catalysis, carbonaceous materials

I am a Marie Curie Fellow at Reisner Lab at the University of Cambridge. I am working towards the production of fuels and chemicals using water and carbon dioxide

as primary feedstock and sunlight as energy source within the field of semiartificial photosynthesis. That is, I am working on mimicking plants’ natural photosynthesis at chloroplasts, where added-value carbon-based compounds (sugars) to sustain plants’ life are produced from water and carbon dioxide using solar energy.

My research focusses in the development and the study of material-protein hybrids systems that can serve as efficient catalytic systems for the sustainable and non-environmentally harmful production of solar fuels and chemicals. To do so I am working on understanding how we can store sunlight energy into chemical bonds. This research field is very important, and it is found in a global effort of many research groups that are working towards developing technology to mitigate climate change.

Get in touch: cc2036 [at], or Twitter @CasadevallCarla