Catherine Oliver

Catherine Oliver

Position: Research Associate

Department: Geography

Keywords: More-than-human cities, veganism, urban ecologies, animal histories, feminist geography

I am a geographer, currently working with laying hens and their keepers in London as a Research Associate on the ERC-funded Urban Ecologies project

I completed my PhD on veganism in Britain at the University of Birmingham in 2020. I am also a Royal Geographical Society Wiley Digital Archive Fellow, researching animals as collaborators, in conflict and in mapping in the Society’s archives. My recent published work in more-than-human geographies explores failure and ethics in geographical research with animals (Emotion, Space and Society) and ethics in animal research (Area Journal). My work in feminist geographies explores outsider-ness and dis-belonging at academic conferences (Gender, Place and Culture). My first monograph, Animals, Archives and Activism: Vegan Geographies and Multispecies Worlds, will be published with Routledge in 2021. My public-facing work includes research and curation for The British Library’s Archiving Activism website’s ‘Animal Activism Guide’. I have written a series for The Vegan Society’s website, as well as for Sociology Lens about chicken rehoming during Covid-19, and for the Animals in Society Group on animals in the pandemic. I have also written on gender and the pivot to online conferences for Geography Directions, the LSE Gender Blog, and Post-Pandemic University.

Get in touch: co419 [at] or @katiecmoliver on Twitter