Angie Burnett

Angie Burnett

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department: Department of Plant Sciences and Darwin College

Keywords: Plants, crops, food security, environmental stress, genetics

My research focuses on understanding the response of maize plants to high light and cold temperature stresses.

Maize is used to produce corn products, and is the most cultivated cereal crop worldwide. In particular, I am investigating the genetic basis for stress tolerance, by measuring the relationship between physiological traits and genes, so that breeders can produce plants which are better able to withstand environmental stress.

Prior to joining the Environmental Plant Physiology group in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, I worked as a postdoctoral research associate examining plant responses to different stresses using remote sensing technology at Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA), and as a Consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Italy). My background is in plant physiology, and I hold a BA from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from the University of Sheffield where I was awarded the inaugural PhD studentship from the Society for Experimental Biology.

I am passionate about food security, and I have been appointed as a David MacKay Research Associate at Darwin College and Cambridge Zero where I am delving into the relationship between agriculture and climate change.

Get in touch: acb219 [at] and @AngelaClaireW on Twitter