Anna Cuomo

Anna Cuomo

Position: Research Associate

Department: Human genetics, Cellular genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Keywords: Single-cell genomics, human genetics

My research work is concerned with the development of integrative statistical models to link DNA variants to single cell expression profiles, to uncover molecular mechanisms that might help unravelling the genotype-phenotype map.

I am a Research Associate at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Oliver Stegle and Nicole Soranzo’s teams, after recently completing my PhD in Statistical Genetics at the University of Cambridge and the European Bioinformatics Institute, under the joint supervision of Oliver Stegle and John Marioni. I have contributed to the analysis of datasets from the HipSci (Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative) project, which promises to make very large contributions to our understanding of stem cells and early development in human, and I am contributing to efforts from the single-cell expression quantitative trait locus genetics (sc-eQTLGen) consortium, which aims at improving our understanding of the effect of genetic variation on cell types and states.

Get in touch: ac63 [at] or @AnnaSECuomo on Twitter