Annabel Sorby-Adams

Annabel Sorby-Adams

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department: MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge Clinical School

Keywords: Neuroscience, stroke, ischemia, reperfusion, translation

I am a neuroscientist with a passion for stroke and translational research. In particular, I am interested in elucidating the mechanisms underlying secondary injury following stroke to enable the development of targeted treatments.

I recently commenced my postdoctoral fellowship in the Mitochondrial Biology Unit and School of Clinical Medicine following completion of a PhD in Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Throughout my doctorate I characterised and refined a pre-clinical model of ischaemic stroke. Using this model, I screened a novel therapeutic agent targeting cerebral oedema (NK1 receptor antagonist), which has since successfully progressed to clinical trial.

In my current role I am continuing my research into the mechanisms underlying post-stroke secondary injury, with a particular focus on reperfusion injury and the role of citric acid cycle metabolite, succinate, in the production of reactive oxygen species post-stroke. Through my postdoc I hope to evaluate the efficacy of a novel therapy targeting succinate metabolism using clinically relevant measures, such as MRI and PET/CT.

Get in touch: ajs335 [at] or @asorby_adams on Twitter