Áine Ní Choisdealbha

Áine Ní Choisdealbha

Position: Research Associate

Department: Department of Psychology and Trinity Hall

Keywords: cognitive neuroscience; developmental psychology; EEG; infancy; language

I am a developmental cognitive neuroscientist. I study the neural signatures and processes that underlie changes in infants’ behaviour and cognitive skills.

During my MSc in Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin, I studied how speech is represented in the brain and how attention changes this representation. I now study neural representations of sound, speech and song in the infant brain as part of the ERC-funded BabyRhythm project, under the direction of Prof Usha Goswami CBE. In this longitudinal study we are examining how babies’ brains track the rhythms of sounds and speech, and also how babies synchronise their movements to the same rhythms. We want to find out if there is a link between how infants perceive, process, and express rhythm, and their later language development.

I am broadly interested in how infants interface with the world around them, whether through language or through action. During my PhD at Lancaster University as part of Marie Skłodowska-Curie training network “ACT”, I studied how infants learn about grasping and using simple tools like spoons. I have recently been awarded a MSCA Global Fellowship to study how infants’ neural representations of their bodies and actions change as their motor skills develop.

Get in touch: an552 [at] cam.ac.uk or @nichoisa on Twitter