Ana Vujic

Ana Vujic

Position: Career Development Fellow

Department: Medicine, Cambridge Cardiovascular

Keywords: Heart failure, cardiometabolic disease, exercise, diet

I study how and why the heart functions the way it does and why heart diseases are the number one cause of death in the world.

I am especially interested in development of heart failure. As someone who exercises daily, I have long been fascinated by the effect of exercise and diet, and the ability of our body to self-repair after the exercise stress but also in the concept of exercise as preventative measure and treatment aid for many of the metabolic and cardiovascular diseases that exist today (as sedentary behavior is one of the main risk factors for most). We know that exercise and healthy diet is good for our overall health span but we are still unclear how this is happening on a molecular and cellular level. Also if we can mimic exercise benefits to promote cardiac health for those that are not able to exercise or that suffer from diabetes and obesity.

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