Abigail Mountford

Abigail Mountford

Position: Postdoc

Department: Chemistry and St Edmunds

Keywords: High-throughput experimentation, machine learning

My research involves miniaturising and automating chemistry in order to carry out hundreds of reactions in a day, rather than weeks or months for larger scale reactions.

The data that is generated using high-throughput experimentation can then be fed into machine learning models to gain insight into how these chemical reactions work and also to make predictions as to how well future reactions could work. Being able to predict how well a reaction is going to work ahead of time is challenging for experts, and would be something of significant use to chemists in the future. We hope to be able to apply this technique of data generation via high-throughput experimentation in combination with machine learning in the future to speed up the discovery of new pharmaceutical drugs.

Get in touch: am2833 [at] cam.ac.uk